How lovely my skin feels after a facialFor the ultimate in turning back time, we recommend a luxurious combination of our two fantastic facials – the Micro Current and the Oxygen.

Enjoy an anti-ageing pampering session in our salon in Glebe, Sydney, with approximately 45 minutes of each facial. Firstly the Micro Current will gently tighten the muscles on your face, then the revitalising serum from Intraceuticals is infused into your skin with oxygen. You won’t believe the difference when you look into the mirror afterwards – our clients are stunned and overjoyed at the younger-looking face they see.

Many of our clients like to have a combination facial before a big day or night out. Others simply, and rightly too, say they deserve to pamper themselves as part of their wholistic wellbeing. Whatever your reason, we know you are going to love having a deluxe combination facial.

Combination facials are suitable for all skin types – we use the appropriate products for your skin and age.

A single combination facial costs $175, but you can buy a six-week course with take-home products from Intraceuticals to maintain your look for $1050 – this includes around $340 worth of products.

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