TK's Lashes Eyelash Extensions

TK's Lashes Eyelash ExtensionsWant killer eyelashes and eyebrows? TK’s Lashes are the newest buzzword in eyelash and eyebrow extension, and we are delighted to have them in stock at My Face My Body My Soul.

Applying TK’s Lashes Eyelash Extensions is as easy as putting on mascara, and you’ll have eye-popping long, lush lashes which wash off easily in water. No more fiddling around with glue and fake eyelashes – your own eyelashes will be up to 300% longer! We sell TK’s Lashes Eyelash Extensions for the RRP of $75.00, which will last you for months.

Using an eyebrow pencil to thicken your eyebrows can look harsh and unnatural – so enter TK’s Lashes Brow Extender, a powder-based product:

  • Instantly brush-on brows extensions.
  • Sets in just 60 seconds
  • Semi permanent eyebrows in a bottle.
  • No glue, no mess, no fuss
  • Like adding hundreds of tiny brow hairs mixed with natural Italian sea mineral clay to your eyebrows perfect for shaping, sculpting and filling in brows.

TK's Lashes Brow ExtenderThe natural Italian sea mineral clay is an ultra fine highly pigmented formulated powder infused with pure sea minerals and a fine blend of herbs and precious ingredients.

Comes in 7 shades:
Caramel blonde, Cappuccino brown, Chocolate brown, Espresso brown, Dark black, Auburn, Ash Blonde

Researched and formulated in Italy and made in USA TK’s futuristic formulations are prepared with natures’ finest natural ingredients creating the world’s most innovative avant-garde products. Buy Brow Extender from us at the RRP of $55.00.